Online MBA Scholarship 2022-2023

Scholarships to Look Out For When Applying For Online MBA in the US

Online MBA Scholarship: There has been a rise in students opting for online degrees for the past few years. There are many reasons for this new trend like the ease in completing a degree without having to relocate or resigning from a stable job. While online courses are in demand, it doesn’t mean that there are inexpensive.
The online MBA programs allow flexibility for keeping the balance between work and family along with accessibility and access to innovative technologies Many online MBA programs still cost a lot. Here is a list of some MBA scholarships for online classes of MBA:

One Year MBA Program – University of the People

With its Head Office in California, USA. It is one of the world’s first non-profit, accredited, American, online universities. The One-year MBA program even without a scholarship is one of the most affordable programs on the list. It has a diverse international student body and instructors from the top US universities.
It offers a stimulating educational experience and provides a rich experience in terms of academic and personal growth. UoPeople has partnered with several institutes and corporations to offer its students scholarships, like Western Union, Hewlett Packard Scholarship and Mentoring, Gabriel and Marci Hawawini, etc.
There are five different deadlines for the program’s five terms to apply to, with the 1st Term deadline on August 12, 2nd Term deadline on October 21st, 3rd Term deadline on Jan 6th, 4th Term deadline on April 7th and 5th Term deadline on May 26th. All the scholarships are to be applied for at the time of admission. For more information:

Forté Fellowships

This is a great opportunity for women in business and leadership to pursue MBA on scholarship. Many top-ranking universities are part of the fellowship, and you can pick and choose from a very extensive list of participating universities offering online and on-campus MBA courses.
The process is fairly simple where you have to apply to one of the partner universities and opt for the scholarship. Once you have successfully acquired a position at the chosen university, based on your credentials and merit the university will decide who will represent them as Forte Fellow.
The deadlines are dependent on the specific institute you choose. For more information on participating universities and scholarships:

OMBA Scholarship, University of Southern California

This is a purely merit-based scholarship offered to exceptional students with great test scores, academic records, and recognizable accomplishments in either professional or personal space. The scholarship varies from $5,000 to $20,000 and you are eligible for it at the time for admission.
There are three admission deadlines you have to consider; the first round’s deadline is February 25th, the second round’s deadline is April 15th, and the third round’s deadline is May 25th. There will be the fourth round only in case of available space. No additional application is required for the scholarship. For more information: