Ordinary Joe

Ordinary Joe is an American drama television series that premiered on September 20, 2021, on NBC. The series follows the lives of ordinary guy Joe Barker as he navigates his way through life’s ups and downs.

Ordinary Joe
Ordinary joe

The show has been praised for its relatable characters and strong storytelling. In a review for the Los Angeles Times, Mary McNamara wrote, “Ordinary Joe is ordinary no more, but rather a series that works to both empower and enervate—to share with us the ordinary troubles of ordinary people in an ordinary world so we might rise from them together. It’s a show about hope.”

In contrast, Entertainment Weekly’s Darren Franich was critical of the series, writing, “Ordinary Joe is a show about the ordinary that never rises above its mundane setting. The characters are all forgettable, and the plotting is soapy without being particularly interesting.”

Despite the mixed reviews, the series has been a rating success for NBC, averaging 10 million viewers per episode. Season 2 of Ordinary Joe is set to premiere on September 19, 2022.

Who is the target audience for ordinary joe?

The target audience for Ordinary Joe is people who are interested in watching a show about ordinary people living ordinary lives. The series has been praised for its relatable characters and strong storytelling, so it may be appealing to viewers who are looking for a show that is both realistic and engaging. However, the mixed reviews suggest that not everyone will enjoy the series. Therefore, it is important to consider whether or not Ordinary Joe is the right show for you.

What are some of the themes explored in ordinary joe?

Some of the themes explored in Ordinary Joe include family, friendship, love, and loss. The show delves into the ups and downs of these relationships and examines how they affect Joe’s life. Additionally, the series explores various aspects of everyday life, such as work, school, and parenthood. This provides viewers with a relatable exploration of the ordinary challenges that everyone faces.

Is ordinary joe based on a true story?

No, Ordinary Joe is not based on a true story. However, the show does draw inspiration from real-life events and experiences. This makes the series feel more realistic and allows viewers to connect with the characters on a deeper level. Additionally, the show’s setting is based on the author’s hometown, which gives it a sense of authenticity.

What is ordinary joe rated?

Ordinary Joe is rated TV-14. This means that the show is suitable for viewers aged 14 and up. It contains some mature content that may be inappropriate for younger viewers. Therefore, parents should consider whether or not the show is appropriate for their children before allowing them to watch this series.

What other shows are similar to ordinary joe?

Some other dramas that are similar to Ordinary Joe include Parenthood, Friday Night Lights, and This Is Us. All three of these series follow ordinary characters who must deal with various challenges in their personal and professional lives. They are all highly rated by critics and viewers alike, so they may be worth checking out if you enjoyed Ordinary Joe.

What are some of the criticisms of ordinary joe?

Some of the criticisms of Ordinary Joe include its slow pacing, unengaging storylines, and forgettable characters. Additionally, some viewers feel that the series does not live up to its potential. However, the series has been a rating success for NBC, so it is resonating with at least some viewers.

Who are some of the cast members in ordinary joe?

The cast of Ordinary Joe includes Tyler Blackburn, Peyton List, Cameron Monaghan, and Katherine McNamara. Blackburn plays ordinary joe, List plays ordinary Sarah, Monaghan plays ordinary Noah, and McNamara plays ordinary joe. All four of these actors are well-known for their roles in various other series.