Pele Congratulated Messi – When one king congratulated another

Messi has spent his 16 long seasons at the Camp Nou and touched the record of Pele earlier today. After the colorful occasion, Pele Congratulated Messi. It seems that when one king congratulated another.

From 1956 to 1974, along 18 years, he spent wearing just one club’s shirt. Yes, we are talking about the Brazilian living legend Pele. To him, the Brazilian club Santos was just like home. But in modern football, the thing is almost absent. Now, the clubs are spending huge amounts and so, most of the top-rated players do not like to spend their entire season at the same camp. But the thing is still happening when we look at the career of the Argentine forward Lionel Messi.

Pele Congratulated Messi One King Congratulated Another

Lionel Messi is different in current football. Not only for his skills, no. Some say he is from another planet and some say he is the best of all. But here we are talking about his entire professional career. In the year 2004, Messi started his professional career officially, and still, he is staying at the Camp Nou. In his 16 years career with the Catalan club, Messi has made many records and won many things as we speak.

Pele Congratulated Messi

In the last night, against Valencia, based on his goal, Barcelona made a 2 – 2 goals draw in La Liga. At the same time, with the goal, he has touched a milestone which was created a long time ago by another king of football. With an amazing goal, he has touched Pele’s milestone.

In the career of Pele, wearing the shirt of the Brazilian club Santos, Pele scored 643 goals which were the highest for any player with a single club. But earlier today, the Barcelona captain has touched Pele’s record. Wearing the jersey of just a single club, no other player has scored the same number of goals. So, in the social media Instagram, Pele who is arguably the greatest of all time has congratulated Lionel Messi.

Though modern football is full of money still, Messi has played his entire career for Barcelona and that has impressed the king of football Pele. When he went to congratulate Messi, he brought the fact to the front. For making the amazing record, Pele has revealed his gratitude to Messi and also for his long career at the Camp Nou.

When his heart is full of love for the club, it has become very difficult to change the address, Pele understands that clearly. Like Lionel Messi, Pele also knows the meaning of wearing the same jersey every day. Pele and Messi both know there is no better place than the home too.

With his club Barcelona, Messi was about to end the two decades relationship in the last season. He sent a Buro fax and informed them about his wish of leaving the club. But finally, the club successfully kept him at the Nou Camp at least for another season.

However, Lionel Messi has not made the new agreement with Lionel Messi and his current agreement with the club will end just after the running season. Now, many football fans are believing that Messi will leave the club at the end of the season because he has not made his move for the new contract. Now, the football world is speculating that there will be Messi’s new destination after leaving the Nou Camp.

Pele has also been aware of the news which has come about Messi’s movement. But still, the Argentine forward is playing for the Camp Nou and giving his best every day. So, Pele would love to remember the works of Messi that he has done all these years and Pele Congratulated Messi with his heart.