Pele has given the new challenge to Messi-Ronaldo

There he stated that the highest scorer of all time in football scored 1283 goals. The sign is too clear. The living legend is not ready to accept his defeat against Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Without the fight, he will not give up. So, it seems that Pele has given the new challenge to Messi-Ronaldo.

The Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo has recently broken the record of the former Brazilian footballer Pele. Now, as stated by the official count, CR7 is the highest official goalscorer in the history of football. But the Brazilian legend Pele does not want to accept that. In his social media Instagram account, Pele has provided his own bio summary.

Pele Has Given The New Challenge To Messi-Ronaldo

Pele’s 643

Let’s make things clear. Earlier, it has been said that in competitive football, wearing the shirt of Santos, Pele scored 643 goals. And in the international friendly matches, his goals were 448. As usual, the friendly goals are not counted with the competitive scores. In the case of Pele, the rule is the same. So, it was counted earlier that wearing the jersey of Santos, Pele’s 643 goals were the highest goals for any single player with any single club.


However, the reference of football named FutDados, and according to the RSSSF, in the official matches, the Brazilian legend Pele scored 767 goals. And the Latin journalist revealed a different opinion. According to him, in official matches, Pele’s goal number is 762.

Pele has given the new challenge

But in the year 2019, a new circular demanded that Pele scored 757 goals in competitive football. Wearing the jersey of the Brazilian club Santos, he scored 643 goals, with New York Cosmos his goals were 37, and with the Brazilian national team, Pele scored 77 goals. In recent days, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have broken the records of Pele.

Pele Congratulated Messi

Just a few days ago, Lionel Messi owned the record of scoring the highest number of goals wearing the only one club’s shirt from Pele. Against Real Valladolid, he scored a goal and owned the record. Pele scored 643 goals wearing Santos’s jersey which was thought to be out of reach for anyone until the day. But at the Camp Nou, Lionel Messi owned the record by breaking Pele’s.

The most interesting fact is that when he scored 644th goal at the Nou Camp, even Pele himself congratulated Lionel Messi. The thing was so impressive and the football lovers have praised Pele. Though Pele did not say anything but his club Santos did not follow him. They demanded that Messi has not broken the record yet.

Cristiano’s Record

On the other side, Cristiano Ronaldo has broken another record of Pele. In the last match of Juventus in Serie A, the Old Lady won by a 4 – 1 goal where Cristiano scored two goals. Now, according to some statistics and calculations, Ronaldo is now the highest goalscorer in the history of football in competitive matches. According to the 2019 statement, Pele’s official goals were 757.

With Brazil he scored 77 goals, with the Brazilian club Santos his goals were 643 and in the MLS he scored 37 goals. As stated by the calculation, CR7 has surpassed Pele. Now, after the new record, Gary Lineker has Tweeted that the Old Lady star Cristiano has now broken the record of Pele. It means that Cristiano has scored 42 goals in his last 18 years of his professional career which is almost impossible.

But according to the claim of Pele and Santos, Pele’s goals were 1283 and it means that Cristiano still has a long way to go. Now, the Instagram post of the Brazilian legend means that Pele has given a new challenge to Messi-Ronaldo!