“People Are Reading The Handwriting On The Wall” Jesse Waters To Kamala Harris.

The Five has made a comment on the latest departure of some top members in Harris cabinet and also the white House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki’s attempt to minimize staff “exodus.”

One of the senior adviser to vice president Harris, Symone Sander and her chief spokesperson will leave at the end of the year.

She happens to be the second person in Harris cabinet to made her “leaving” known to people in less than a Month.

According to “The Five” hinted that the ongoing situation in Harris cabinet is a sign of turmoil in BidenHarris administration.Katie Pavlich commented “Top aide can leave Kamala Harris sinking ship as fast enough.”

The Vice President office has also witnessed other major departure, the likes of Symone Sander who is one of Harris most trusted person.

Sander reportedly guide border handling but she has been derailing due to burning down of Harris Presidential ambition.

According to Jesse Waters said, ” The People are reading the writing on the wall.”

“Harris is not the heir apparent and these people are trying to leave her before they sink.”

He further said, ” These people are about resume building, where and who you work for during the campaign and the moment things seems not to be her your favor, they leave.”

According to Psaki’s tweet, “Harris is not only a valuable partner to Joe Biden but also a leader who is very bold.”