Messi is ready to give up the Pichichi Trophy in exchange for the La Liga throne

When his team failed to bring the league honor at their camp, Messi had no charm left to bring the individual glory. So, the report says that the Argentine icon footballer Lionel Messi is ready to give up the Pichichi Trophy in exchange for the La Liga throne.

In the last season of La Liga, Barcelona failed to bring the league throne at the Camp Nou. But still, there were no players who scored more goals than the Barcelona captain Lionel Messi. Considering the goal number, Lionel Messi has been awarded the Pichichi Trophy earlier yesterday.

Messi Is Ready To Give Up The Pichichi Trophy In Exchange For The La Liga Throne

Pichichi Trophy

Pichichi Trophy is the most prestigious individual award in La Liga which used to give to the highest scorer of the league every season. And Lionel Messi has already won the highest 7th Pichichi Trophy in his professional career. Because of his last season’s goal number, he has won his 7th Pichichi earlier yesterday but still, he saw his rival team Real Madrid celebrated for winning the league title.

So, his success has brought him so much pain. He was great in the last season but failed to bring the ultimate league glory at the Nou Camp. Yes, Messi is a player who used to give his first priority to the club. So, the Argentine forward has no interest in winning the Pichichi Trophy when his team did not win the league throne.

Current Discussion

In the last season, the Barca captain Messi has scored the highest goals in La Liga. So, he has got the Pichichi Trophy as the acknowledgment of his amazing task. The Spanish news portal MARCA handed over the trophy to LM10 yesterday.

After lifting the trophy, Lionel Messi has stated that he wants to exchange the trophy in the season with the league throne! That is so surprising. The time will say if the Argentine forward wins the next Pichichi Trophy in the season or not. The Barcelona star has made a great start in La Liga this season.

By playing the 13 matches in the season of La Liga, he has scored 6 goals and stands in the 3rd position on the highest goalscorers list. Gerard Moreno from the Spanish club Villarreal is holding the top position on the list with the highest eight (8) goals so far.

Messi’s Record

By winning the trophy for his last season’s performance, the 33rd years old Messi has made an amazing record. In the history of La Liga, no other player won the trophy for the 7th time like Lionel Messi. On the way to win his 7th trophy, Messi has overtaken the Athletic Bilbao legend Telmo Zarra.

After winning his 7th Pichichi Trophy Lionel Messi has given an interview to MARCA about his next move. When he was asked about his plan of winning the 8th Pichichi, Messi said that he does not know and does not like to think about it. He has no much interest in winning the trophy intentionally.

He would love to win the La Liga title than the Pichichi Trophy, the report says. Now, they are fighting for the league title. But Barcelona is not in the right way to win the league. At least their current performance described that.