Police Awarded A Nine Years Old Journee Who Fought Suspect In Defence Of Her Mum

Nine years Journee Nelson from Florida, United State has been awarded by the Security for fighting robbers in defence of her mother.

The Police of the West Palm Beach in FL, noted that the little girl and her mum were at the Sabor Tropical grocery store for shopping while the suspected robber was trying to steal her mother’s wallet.

The little Nine years old girl narrated “When I and my mum comes out of the supermarket, I watched him and looked back and then entered the Car, all of a sudden all I noticed was him running after my mum”

According to the West Palm Beach Police said “The suspect rushed up to Journee’s mum while she was loading goods into the Car”
While violently dragging the purse from her, the suspect told Journee’s mum to “give up on the purse or you’ll make me pop you”

While all these were happening, Journee ran to the rescue of her mum, head-punched the suspect and ran after him to about 4houses away.
The suspect named Demetrius Jackson was later caught two days after the incident.

The young Nine years old girl was decorated with a Medal Award in honour of her courage and prompt action.

According to Chief Frank Adderley ” I didn’t encourage you to be attacking an individual just as you did but some situation do warrant it, I knew herself was shocked as she kicked Jackson in the face because her action according to the recorded clip after she kicked him shows that the nine years old girl was shocked after hitting him”
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What do you think about Journee’s action?Police Awarded A Nine Years Old Journee Who Fought Suspect In Defence Of Her Mum