Popular American Doctor And Tv personality, Mehmet Oz Sets To Run For Pennsylvania Senate.

One of the celebrity heart surgeon, Dr. Mehmet Oz who is famously known for his Tv program, “Dr. Oz show” is getting ready to contest for Pennsylvania Senate from the Republican Party.

If Oz run, he would bring values to the race which is regarded to be among nation’s most competitive and will decide how Senate will be next year.

Oz become famous after he gain his popularity through being a guest on Winfrey’s show.

Although, in 2015, he went through lots of controversies when a group of reputable American physician contacted the Columbia University Medical School to break its link with Oz for “not having integrity” and promoting quack treatment that is not backed up with evidence.

In year 2016, Dr. Mehmet Oz hosted former President Donald J. Trump on his show when he was running for the Presidential seat.

Dr. Mehmet Oz was appointed as a White House Council of Sport, Fitness and Nutrition alongside some prominent people including Walker who is now a Trump-endorsed Candidate for Senate in Georgia.

Although, the reasons Oz decided not to run in New Jersey where he has voted for almost 20years before coming to vote in Pennsylvania wasn’t made known to the Public for now. Oz home is located in Cliffpark, New Jersey where he normally host guest for his Tv show.

The 61years Oz who claimed he has received words of encouragement to run for the Senate position from his associates when he briefed them about his plans.