Master of Project Management Scholarship

Project Management Scholarship the initiation, planning, implementation, and closure of the project throughout its lifecycle. It is aimed to achieve specific outcomes within cost, quality, and time parameters. The demand for project managers has drastically increased as the business processes have become complex. The offered project management degree allows the development of professional skills to manage the risk, possible liabilities and monitor the progress effectively to conclude. Some Project Management scholarships of Project Management require association with Project Management Institute (PMI) chapter. The top universities offering project management scholarships are detailed as below: 

Project Management Scholarship

University of Boston (Online Program + On-campus)

The University of Boston offers an opportunity to learn project management based on successful project-based strategies. The offered Project Management scholarships include the following and are available on this website link ( 

  1. Boston University Women’s Guild Scholarships: Project Management Scholarship is aimed to encourage women of the age bracket of 30 and over to enroll in the graduate programs and include a grant of $5,500 per annum
  2. Edgar B.Pitts Scholarship: For eligibility, the candidate must be a graduate degree student at Boston University and not receive any compensation from the client ( 
  3. Northeastern University 

At Northeastern University, the curriculum includes the development of the skills for dealing with uncertain situations having a great degree of complexity. It provides an opportunity to learn from real-life projects for preparing the practitioners with complicated project management processes. It is accredited with the Global Accreditation Center for Project Management

  1. Full Circle Scholarship: The graduate applicants involved are Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Teach for America, and English Language Learners (ELL) are eligible can apply to this scholarship. New incoming students are eligible at this time. For getting the scholarship, an authorization from the director/supervisor/program manager on the organizational letterhead validating the service is required to be submitted as proof ( 
  2. Parent and Family Scholarship ( 
  3. Graduate Dean’s Scholarship
  4. Academic Department Scholarships
  5. Military Scholarships
  6. Diversity Scholarship
  7. Purdue University (Project Management Course) 

The world-renowned and public research university offers the ProSTAR Scholarship program which has been designed to cater to the less privileged and underrepresented groups. The need for financial requirements along with academic accomplishment is mandatory. As criteria for receiving the award, a CGPA of 3.0 has to be maintained. It covers one-third of the expenses for the weekend courses. 

University of Houston(Project Management Scholarship)

College of Technology at the University of Houston helps to integrate technology and project management for preparing the prospective candidates for the industry. The curriculum consists of Project Management Principles, Leadership, Team-building, tools, practices, quality improvement, etc. The employability rate is very high i.e. 73% of the graduates are employed by the end of their degree. The scholarships offered for facilitation are: ( 

  1. Graduate School Fund: Texas Residents who demonstrate a financial need are applicable for the scholarship. For eligibility, the candidate is required to be a U.S citizen and must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The requirement also includes maintaining the academic progress in the coursework. The amount of award depends on the credit hours taken. 
  2. Graduate School Stella L.Ehrahardt Scholarship: It is a two-year fellowship award granted to each respective college of $1,200 annually. The award is renewable for up to two years. The applicant must complete FAFSA and be enrolled in the program. The requirement of the scholarship is a CGPA of 3.0 while demonstrating progress in course work and timely degree completion. 

Cullen Fellowship Trust Grant: The award includes promoting the University of Houston as a Carnegie-designated top research institute. It allows 75% of travel expenses or $750,000, whichever is less. The award is highly competitive.