PSG has introduced their new manager

PSG has made the official announcement. The former player of the club has returned as the manager.  the French Ligue 1 champions PSG has introduced their new manager.

Earlier, the Argentine manager visited the practice session of team Neymar. In front of the practice ground of the French club, a picture of Pochettino has been revealed on social media. As the manager of Neymar and Mbappe, the Argentine will be seen.

Psg Has Introduced Their New Manager

The Confusion

The Christmas holidays have been finally over and the celebration has ended as well. After the holidays, the French giants Paris SG have returned to work. In the meantime, the former Tottenham Hotspur manager thought that the hide and seek game has also finished.

Though Paris Saint Germain did not make any official announcement by then. But after sacking the former manager Thomas Tuchel, they are going to appoint the new manager Pochettino, before the Christmas holidays, the things have been leaked already. But for those who had the doubt, it has finally been over.

The Deal

Before confirming the news of sacking Thomas Tuchel, Fabrizio Romano released the news that PSG is going to appoint Mauricio Pochettino as the new manager. And once again, yesterday the Italian journalist informed that the agreement between PSG and the Argentine Mauricio Pochettino has been completed.

To take control of the French club, Pochettino is going to touch the ground of Paris. In London, Mauricio Pochettino spent his Christmas holidays, and now, the time has come for the official announcement. A few days ago, he has signed the agreement and wants to take a sit with the sporting director of PSG for a meeting.

The main target in the new 2021 year is too simple for the club. They want to make the new deal with the most expensive two players Neymar and Kylian Mbappe.

PSG has introduced their new manager Confirmed

Earlier today, the RMC sports journalist Loic Tanzi saw the Argentine Mauricio Pochettino in front of the practice ground of the French champion PSG. He did not waste any time there but took a shot. By taking the picture, he has revealed that the era of Mauricio Pochettino has already started. And the Italian journalist also revealed the same news through Twitter. He stated that Pochettino has only just started. The former Spurs manager has come to the head office of PSG. And the official announcement is going to come out.

PSG’s Official Declaration

After the Tweet of Fabrizio Romano, just an hour later, the official announcement finally came to the news. In the statement, PSG has released that till the next 30th June 2022, the club has made the agreement with the Argentine Pochettino. Yes, there is an option that has been added also. They can extend the agreement for one more year. Tomorrow, in the practice session of Neymar-Mbappe, he will take control officially.


Pochettino’s Feelings

In his professional club career of Mauricio Pochettino, he played for the French champion Paris Saint Germain from 2001 to 2003. Now, he has become very happy to return to his former club. It is an honor and happiest moment in his life to become the manager of Paris SG.

He feels very proud of it also. In his heart, there is always a place for the club. He has some amazing memories at the Parc des Princes. The weather is too fantastic. Now, he has returned with great hope. A number of top-rated players in the football world are in the club right now and Mauricio Pochettino is waiting eagerly to start work with them.