Talk about a grave error.

A psychic amazed spectators of Drew Barrymore’s talk exhibit by convening the mood of one of the actress’ extinct kin on-air. And none could have existed additional amazed than the comparative in issue — who turns out to be busy and adequately in Boston.

Now Barrymore’s ex-husband is phoning the fair “a submental hack.”

Medium Anna Raimondi lent her a homework on the exhibit last week, and told she grasped the atmosphere of a “judge.”

Barrymore explosion into rips, specifying the magistrate as David — a comparative of her ex-husband Will Kopelman — whom she said gave birth to perished.

The psychic stoked Barrymore’s feelings, telling the existence of Kopelman’s household was information that “you are … a fraction of that household — it doesn’t count [that] the two of you are not jointly anymore.”

A tiny difficulty with the revelation: Judge David Kopelman is 82 and accomplishing just forfeit.

Art specialist Will — who was joined to Barrymore from 2012 to 2016 — warned us, “Drew and I remember a tight and highly peaceful co-parenting friendship; I have and ever will begin again to cheer her on from the sidelines. That life said the portion was a solid laugh deeming my uncle Judge David Kopelman is still extremely greatly alive.”

He expanded, “And I’m a little shocked that Drew selected to give oxygen to somebody like this because self-entitled agencies who prey on susceptible bereft people with lawsuits they can convey with their dead loved ones in trade for fame and payment all belong in prison. None of my dead kin — all of whom I’m sure would give birth to wanted Drew — are talking with some submental cab helping the talk exhibit course. He added that he assured this

An agent for Barrymore instructed us, “The grandfather of Will is Frank, who was a magistrate and is perished. David is … Will’s uncle, who’s busy and also a magistrate. That was the confusion.”

When attained for announcement the psychic told he felt a judge who is enacted. Drew said, David he only felt a judge.”

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