Quique Setien wants to return to Barcelona

The relation between the two parties was not great we can say that easily how it ended. But if Barcelona calls for him again, the report revealed that Quique Setien wants to return to Barcelona.

In the last season of the Champions League quarter-final, Barcelona faced the defeat against Bayern Munich by an 8 – 2 goal which is a black mark of the Catalan club’s record. The disaster added a few pages in the record book too. After the destructive defeat, Barcelona sacked the coach Quique Setien but the Spanish manager threatened the club to take legal action against the club. He claimed that the club did not follow the official rule when he was sacked and appointed the new manager Ronald Koeman. So, he wanted compensation.

Quique Setien wants to return to Barcelona

Setien’s Time in Barcelona

If we calculate the time, he stayed more than seven months at the Camp Nou. But considering the playing time, he was the manager of Messi-Suarez for only a half-season. His chapter at the Nou Camp ended in the worst possible way.

Barcelona went to the Corona break when they stood in the top position on the league point table. They were ahead of their arch-rival Real Madrid. But later, when the football returned to the ground, Setien’s team ruled out from the league competition race when they had still one match in hand.

Setien Has Overcome From The Shock

How Quique Setien left the Nou Camp was a big shock for the Spaniard no doubt. After leaving Barcelona, he was out of the news portal’s eye for a long time. He did not want to face journalists for a long time. Finally, Setien has recovered from the big shock. And the Corona schedule helped him get rid of the shock, he stated.

What happened at the Nou Camp, already Setien has passed the shock. It is a part of the job. If the isolation helps what he did, it helped to get his peace back. Setien even changed his phone number. If he is seen on the road, the people want to stop him and take the interview. But he is trying to stay like the old time.

No Regrets

When Setien was at the Camp Nou, he wants to win the Champions League. Also wants to play fantasy football. Yes, he has no achievements at the Camp Nou but still, the memory of what he spent with the Spanish giants gives him pleasure.

Quique Setien wants to return

Now, if he gets another chance, Quique Setien wants to return to Barcelona! The experiences he gathered at the Camp Nou was great. Though how he wanted, failed to lift the expected titles there. What he wanted at the beginning, he failed to do so. Few things became so complicated. Yes, obviously he wants to return to Barcelona and he has no regrets about going back to the Catalan club.


In the history of Barcelona, Quique Setien already saw the fearsome or worst day. In the European competition, when two superpower teams faced each other, the football world did not see such one-sided results yet. But under the charges of Setien, Barcelona faced the worst defeat against Bayern Munich by an 8 – 2 goals. But Setien did not ready to accept everything.

He was not a complete failure at the Camp Nou. Under his guidance, Barcelona improved its performance. The statistics say that from the very beginning, the team was improving. Most of the time, the ball was on their opponent’s half, they possessed the ball most of the time and the team passed much more than ever. All of them are very important statistics, no doubt.