Real Madrid hopes to buy Mbappe with the help of Barca

The young talent and revealed his wish of seeing him at the Bernabeu many times already. But the latest news has described that Real Madrid hopes to buy Mbappe with the help of Barca. But how? Spanish champion Real Madrid is very keen to bring down the French striker Kylian Mbappe for a very long time. And the discussion has increased when Zidane has become the manager of the team for the 2nd time.

It seems that the president of the Spanish club Real Madrid will pray for their arch-rival team Barcelona in the next Champions League knockout round when the Catalan club will face Mbappe’s team Paris SG. To learn more about the matter, let’s turn back a little. Just because he was not matured enough, Mbappe did not join the Santiago Bernabeu in the last 2017 transfer window and stayed at the Parc des Princes. After joining the French club, he has not renewed his agreement.

Real Madrid Hopes To Buy Mbappe With The Help Of Barca

Real Madrid hopes to buy Mbappe

Paris SG has the dream of winning the Champions League and so, they have kept Mbappe at the club. They need him. But they have already failed three consecutive seasons and so, Mbappe has become confused about his future. So, he does not want to make the new agreement now. Yes, of course, PSG has played the UCL in the last season but against the German club Bayern Munich, there was no victory.

Now, if PSG will fail to lift the UCL this season, Kylian Mbappe will not renew his contract with Paris SG for sure. And now, if in the round of the last sixteen Barcelona can manage the victory over PSG, the dream of Real Madrid will come true. And only then, Real Madrid will get their chance to go for the negotiation with the president of the French club Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

Till now, the certain star of PSG was included in every transfer season was the Brazilian star Neymar. But in the season, Neymar has become permanent. At least his mind has set and he is happy at the Parc des Princes, the report says that. He already informed the club that he will stay there. But still, PSG is suffering from such transfer confusion, and this time, the potential player of the club has been included. Yes, we are talking about the French World Cup-winning player Kylian Mbappe. Though Neymar wants to stay at the club his teammate Mbappe has not agreed to renew his contract with the club.

If Mbappe will leave the French side, then which will be his new destination? The speculation is going on. And all the time, the name of the Spanish club Real Madrid comes to the front. Sometimes, the name of Liverpool was also added. But the name of the current Champions League winner Bayern Munich has no interest in bringing down the player. Now, the German club legend has informed that Bayern will not try to buy Mbappe. Actually, they have not the ability to buy him. On the other side, Real Madrid has started with their new dream. Barcelona will help them buy the most talented young player.

With the president of the French club Paris Saint-German named Nasser Al-Khelaifi, every European club has kept their relation good. Because they all have realized that they cannot make the competition with Paris SG considering the financial side. And for that reason, the Real Madrid president Perez will pray for Barcelona in the upcoming round of the last sixteen matches. If PSG fails against Barca, they might get the chance of buying Mbappe!