Republican Leaders Expressed Worries Over Ascension Of Indian-American Tech Expert, Agrawal As New Twitter CEO.

The lawmakers from Republican Party have warned the new Chief Executive Officer of Twitter not to usurp conservative Political speech on social media. The new Chief Executive Officer of Twitter who was formerly the Technology Officer, Agrawal has earlier pinpointed the threat of misinformation and call to depart from free speech.

According to Agrawal who is the new CEO of Twitter following Jack Dorsey’s announcement to step down “Our duty is not to be bounded by first amendment but to disseminate healthy information and our moves are reflective of what we believe in.”

The Republican lawmakers are not convenient as they believe Agrawal may impose very strict content moderation policies which will censor the conservatives.

According to Rep. Lance gooden of Texas, “Based on Agrawal’s earlier comment, it is very clear that conservative will be silenced while calls for violence from US adversaries will be safe.”

The Republican lawmakers also refered to one of Agrawal’s tweet where he assume that all white people are racist.

According to Agrawal’s tweet, “if they’re not going to make a distinction between muslim and high profile Political leaders, then why should I distinguish between racist and white people?”

Agrawal who has also expressed support for the left wing movement by making donation to the Civil Liberties Union in their lawsuit opposing former President Donald J. Trump.

Some other Republicans also commented and expressed worries over the ascension of Agrawal as the new CEO of Twitter.