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About Rodrigo Alves

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Rodrigo Alves

Rodrigo Alves is a renowned television personality who is of Brazilian-British origin. Alves is famous for undergoing dozens of plastic surgeries to change her appearance. Alves rose to fame after she spent way over half a million pounds in a mission to look like Ken Doll. In January 2020 Alves came out as a transgender before announcing a change of her name from Rodrigo to Jessica during an interview on the “This Morning” television show. She is also popular for her appearance on “Celebrity Big Brother” a British reality television show.

Rodrigo Alves’ Early Life

Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves' Dramatic Transformation… From Dad Bod To  Plastic Fantastic
A young rodrigo

Rodrigo Alves was born in São Paulo, Brazil on the 30th of July 1983. She is a half-cast daughter of a British father, Roserval Alves, and a Brazilian mother. Even though Alves was considered a boy all through her early years, deep down herself Alves knew she was a woman and liked to play with dolls besides associating closely with the female gender. At the age of 18, Alves moved to London where she joined the London College of Communication to pursue public relations. Growing up, her maternal grandparents loved her so much and they eventually made her the heir of their wealth.

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Rodrigo Alves’ Family Life

Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves Glams Up As He Heads Out For Dinner With His  Plastic Surgeon Boyfriend Giacomo Urtis In Milan
Alves with Giomoco

Rodrigo Alves kept her seemingly controversial relationship out of the public eye making most of her fans perceive her single. It was until 2018 when she was spotted kissing Italian plastic surgeon and singer, Giacomo Milano. Speaking during a PDA-filled date in Milan, the “Human Ken Doll” confirmed that she had a relationship with Giacomo Milan. She later revealed that her family was in support of their relationship and that the lovebirds were planning to do music together.

Rodrigo’ Alves’ Career Life

After completing her studies on Public Relations, Rodrigo Alves landed her first job in 2018 on the Celebrity Big Brother UK television where she worked as a celebrity housemate. Her career at Celebrity Big Brother was however short-lived following her racial sentiments that included the slur, “nigger” which saw her fired after several warnings from her producers. Alves used the racial term in a conversation about her preferred sexual partner. After she was fired, Alves together with her lover Giacomo Milano released a song called “Plastic World”.

It should however be noted that most of Alves’ wealth has been gotten through inheritance. Out of the love that her grandparents had for her, Rodrigo Alves was made the heir of their property which includes the Spanish resort of Puerto Banus from where she receives rent from holidaymakers. Besides, Alves is also the beneficiary behind her grandparents’ pension where she receives some good monies every other month. She has received much from the farming trade in which her family has specialized for years now.

Rodrigo Alves Height, Weight, and Net worth

  • Rodrigo Alves has a grey eye color and blonde hair.
  • She has a decent weight and height.
  • Alves stands tall at 5.7 feet.
  • The 37-year-old transgender weighs 65 Kilograms.
  • As of 2020, Rodrigo Alves’s net worth is estimated to be £30million.
  • Her net worth is arrived at following rough statistics gotten from her inherited business investments.
  • Alves’ plastic surgery expenditure of $512,784 portrays her as a wealthy person.

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