Ronald Koeman needs a striker

And finally, the current manager of Barcelona Ronald Koeman has accepted that he needs a perfect ‘Number 9’ who can use the chances that have been created by the team perfectly. Yes, Ronald Koeman needs a striker.

In their last match, Barcelona took a total of 20 shots. But just one has escaped the Huesca goalkeeper and found the net. If in the attacking section of Barcelona, they would get a perfect scorer, they might not suffer that much to get a goal.

Ronald Koeman Needs A Striker

Koeman needs a striker

Wearing the jersey of his new club Atletico Madrid, Luis Suarez has found the net once again in their last match. In La Liga, the Uruguayan forward is now the highest goalscorer in the season. The striker Suarez is in great form in recent days but on the other side, he was neglected at Camp Nou. Now, the same old Barcelona is desperately seeking goals.

At the venue of Huesca, Barcelona got the expected victory. But to find the victory, they worked very hard. After such a dominating match, Messi-Dembele just found one goal. But the same Barcelona when the manager was Ernesto Valverde, they destroyed Huesca by 8 – 2 goal. So, now Koeman feels the pressure of the big team.

Koeman Does Not Feel Guilty

The winter transfer window has already started. It is high time to find and fill the blank space before entering the most important phase. Just a day ago, Ronald Koeman said that he does not feel guilty about Luis Suarez. But his team needs a striker now. They have the lack of a perfect number 9.

Still, Koeman told about Suarez where their direct rival bought him from the Camp Nou that the decision of selling Suarez was taken just before his arrival at the Camp Nou. He did not have any choice. So, he does not feel any guilt about that.

Messi’s Companions

Though Koeman does not feel the guilt about Luis Suarez he still feels the lack of a striker because, in the last summer transfer, they did not buy a perfect number 9. Lionel Messi is not scoring many goals this season and so, Barcelona is suffering.

After releasing Suarez, Messi’s goal scoring percentage has been reduced which is so disturbing for the Catalan club. The last January, Martin Braithwaite joined the Camp Nou and by surprising others, he is still playing for the Catalan club.

As the companion of Messi, earlier today along with Martin Braithwaite, the French forward Ousmane Dembele also has been grounded. The three of them took a total of 15 shots against Huesca but the only goal has come from the midfielder De Jong’s leg.


Ansu Fati is facing an injury right now. The same fate has come upon the record transfer breaker, Coutinho. And the coach Ronald Koeman has lost his faith in Antoine Griezmann. The coach does not ground the World Cup-winning forward but he used to take his first choice, Martin Braithwaite. After their last match against Huesca, in the post-match press conference, the coach said that he needs a striker.

He has faith in every player in the squad but when they play with three midfielders, then there is the space for three forwards as well. When Leo is in the squad, they must ground a player like Dembele because he creates many chances. Later, between Martin and Griezmann, he takes one and against Huesca, he grounds Martin.

In a match like that, they are suffering for a number 9. There is no relation to Antoine’s substitution with it. Still, there is a long way to go and they will need everyone.