The Brazilian club demanded that to break the record of Pele, Lionel Messi will have to pass a long way still. The report says that Messi will have to score 448 goals to surpass Pele.

After breaking the record of Pele wearing just one club’s shirt, even Pele himself has congratulated Lionel Messi. Yes, now, Lionel Messi is grabbing the record of scoring the highest goals wearing just one club’s jersey. Earlier, the football king Pele grabbed the record.

He scored 643 goals wearing the shirt of the Brazilian club Santos. Now, Messi has surpassed him when he scored his 644th goal wearing the shirt of the Catalan club. But Pele’s former club Santos did not follow Pele’s footsteps.

Messi will have to score 448 goals to surpass Pele


Messi is now holding the record of scoring the highest number of goals wearing only one club’s jersey. In the last week of La Liga, against Real Valladolid, Lionel Messi has scored his 644th goal and broke the record of Pele.

With the Brazilian club, Pele scored 643 goals and the record was out of reach until the day when Messi broke the record. It was nearly impossible but Messi did it. It seems that Messi is fully desperate to grab every record wearing the shirt of Barcelona.

The Claim of Santos

Yesterday, the Brazilian club Santos released a large report which consisted of the goals of Messi and Pele. In the official website of the club, the football analysts and historians of the Santos club have revealed their explanation about the record. According to their claim, wearing the jersey of Santos, Pele has scored 1091 goals. Because in the era of Pele, there was not much difference between competitive and international friendly matches.

At the beginning of the report, they also added that in the last few days, the different news portals and social media have presented many reports about the record of Lionel Messi. To some statisticians, the Argentine sensation Lionel Messi has grabbed the record of scoring the highest goals wearing the club of Barcelona. Without the friendly matches, wearing the shirt of the Catalan club, Messi has scored 644 goals. Many football analysts consider that the number of competitive goals number.

Pele Congratulated Messi

The Brazilian living legend Pele has congratulated Lionel Messi already. The king of football has posted on social media where he told that it will be too rare to share the same dressing room wearing the shirt of the same club.

Yes, both Pele and Messi both played for the same club for a long time. Messi is still playing. But the news portal has deducted many statistics when they consider Messi the highest goalscorer.


With the Brazilian side, Pele has scored 1091 goals. To the eye of the news portals, Pele scored 643 goals in competitive football. And 448 goals which he scored in the friendly matches, they did not count it. Like, they are completely valueless. The club Santis demanded that they try to cancel 448 goals but most of them came against the big clubs in Europe.

In the year 1960 when Inter Milan was on the top of the European table, Pele scored eight goals against them. The list is long enough. The Brazilian former footballer scored goals against Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Napoli, Benfica, Boca Juniors, River Plate, Lazio, and some other clubs. Against Barcelona, Pele scored four goals by playing four matches.

So, according to the claim of the Brazilian club Santos, the Barcelona captain Lionel Messi will have to score 448 goals to surpass Pele!

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