Massaging the hands is relaxing, is good for circulation, reduces tension, and keeps the brain active: carve out a moment of the day to try it…

How to massage your hands

The hand is one of the most complex organs in our body and is made up of 27 bones, 19 muscles, 24 tendons, 3 large and numerous small blood vessels, 3 nerve trunks, and a large number of nerve endings. So let’s try to imagine how many sensations it perceives and how many messages it transmits to the body at any moment! This is why by massaging the hand we have the possibility to enter into a relationship with the internal organs and at the same time contact even the most intimate and deep parts of our brain.

Daily practice: a few minutes for a deep well-being


Most of the movements we make every day can put stress on the tendons, ligaments, or muscles of the hand and consequently those of the arms, shoulders, and back. For this, taking a few moments of relaxation, performing a quick massage or simple gymnastic exercises for the hands helps to dissolve the tensions that also accumulate in the neck and shoulders and to release the energy of emotions that tend to “freeze”, stiffening the upper limbs.

Relaxing treatment in 5 steps

  1. With percussion, you restore energy to your hands:

Place one hand on one leg and apply the three percussion techniques (cupping, fist, karate) on the back and palm, paying attention to the sound produced by the movements. With the fingers of the hand just bent “in a cup”, as if to contain a liquid, strike the leg with the outer back of the hand. The sound produced is similar to a muffled beat.


Then lightly close your hand “into a fist” and strike the leg with the outer part of the soft hand giving rise to a deeper sound. Close with the “karate” percussion that you have to practice, without stiffening the fingers, with the outer side of the little finger on the leg. The sound in this case will be dry and dull. Now try to move the fingers of the hand to perceive the different sensations between the treated hand and the one not yet treated.

2. Treat the center of the palm and awaken vitality

Choose an essential oil that you like and melt 2 drops in a small knob of shea butter that you will warm in your hands and perform a deep massage of the central part of the palm, connected, from an energetic point of view to the center of the heart and in the center of the navel.

3. Massage your fingers: this way you promote circulation

Massage each finger of the hand from the base to the nail, making small circular motions, stretches, and stretches.

4. Touch the back and work on the muscles and tendons

This is a very simple touch, useful for separating the muscle fiber and promoting circulation: it involves brushing the back of the hand with the tip of the thumb back and forth, transversely.

5. Hug your fingers

To harmonize the energies of the body and improve resistance to stress, apply light pressure on the fingers. You can only wrap the finger connected to the emotion you want to appease ( Thumb: worry, depression, anxiety. Index: fear, confusion, frustration. Middle: anger, irritability, indecision. Ring finger: sadness, fear of being rejected, despondency, negativity Little finger: obstinacy, tendency to overdo it, low self-esteem, insecurity, nervousness) with the fingers of the other hand or all fingers, pressing gently for 3-5 minutes.

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