Sen. Ernst Calls Senate To Override Biden’s Decision

The R-Iowa Senator, Joni Ernst has said on Sunday that she believes there are good number of senators, both Democratic and Republican, who would like to override President Biden and stop Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

According to Ernst, she told the host Chris Wallace during an interview that she believes Biden should revert on his course after he waived sanctions against the operator of the near-completed pipeline in May so as to help repair U.S. relations with Germany. Ukraine, however, solidly opposes the pipeline that would carry Russian gas to Germany, saying it will be used as a geopolitical weapon to deprive Ukraine of needed natural gas imports.

Joe Biden is ready to have a video call with Putin on Tuesday to deliberate on the tense situation in Ukraine amid fears. Putin is also planning an imminent military invasion of the country.

Sen. Joni Ernst said “I do think that President Biden needs to be very clear and very strong in his message to Vladimir Putin.” “He needs to say to Vladimir Putin that we will no longer allow you to move on with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, we need you to comprehend that we will take side with Ukraine, we will give them assistance. Biden needs to let them understand that clearly.”

However, Putin has amassed about 100,000 troops along Russia’s border with Ukraine, and U.S. officials hold that he is thinking of a multi-front military invasion of Ukraine which involves as many as 175,000 troops by 2022.