UK shops might run out of liquor and wine before the end of the year as there are little drivers to make deliveries.

This is a warning made to UK Secretary of Transport Grant Shapps by WTSA known as UK Wine and Trade Spirit Association which was cosigned by all the 48members of the Association.

According to the Association in their letter, ‘This urgent issue in our Association calls for concerned and the Government need to take quick step in the shortage of drivers in the UK.


The industry has pleaded to the UK Government to permit drivers from abroad to meet shortfall.

The industry have already been experiencing ‘delay’ in delivery of goods to retailers which is making the cost to be expensive and limiting consumer’s availability.

According to the Association, ‘It is now fifth times delaying the member of the Association to import wine and spirits to how it was last year’.

It was also affirmed that rising cost have been sent to importers as the price increment will also have effect on them.


The association said the challenges on ground is a big problems for some small scale bussineses who have no what it takes to wrestle with large bussineses.

Many supermarkets have been striving in order to secure their shops with stock but all to no avail due to shortage of drivers.

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