Siegel Was Happy About Biden’s Health Condition.

The News contributor, Dr. Marc Siegel has said he was confident on the heath of President Joe Biden
According to Siegel, “Frequently testing of President is not a bad idea.”
“I would be very happy if the president can be tested always.” Siegel added!

Biden’s physician said, “President Joe Biden has been tested for up to nineteen respiratory pathogens including influenza and all of the test results were duly negative.

Since then, the president has dismissed the question about his health status on Friday.
The issue I have is one of my grandson which is a year and half who loves kissing me regularly.
According to Siegel who said he was happy about President Joe Biden’s health status after he has successfully carried out the routine physical exam last month but said he’ll like to be getting more results from President’s physician.

The Doctor said, “He had extensive physical information and was very satisy with the result of the test.

Siegel also made it known that many issues do arose from President including discovery of new colon/ polyps.

Siegel also made it known that some president had an evaluation but after his physician found Biden’s gait had altered from the previous evaluation that is a warning that the Siegel said is routine.