Master of Social Work Scholarship

Social Work Scholarship efforts are inclined towards improving society. The graduate programs in social work range emphasize the themes of empowering the oppressed and helping to tackle poverty.

Master of Social Work Scholarship
Master of Social Work Scholarship

Bringing a change in the quality of life and well-being of society requires hands-on knowledge of human behavior, ethics, and policies. As per US news website stats, the top social work programs are offered at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), Washington University in St. Louis, and Columbia University.

Other universities offering social work programs are detailed on this link ( 

University of Michigan(Social Work Scholarship)

U.S citizens can apply for departmental Social Work scholarships, office of financial aid, and private aids. While international students can apply for departmental scholarships. For eligibility for the scholarship, admission is mandatory.

A separate financial aid application is required to be submitted at the School of Social Work. The available scholarships are as under and can be further explored at the website link ( Social Work scholarships) 

  1. Community Scholars: Community-Based Initiative in Detroit 
  2. Community Scholars: National Community Scholars Program
  3. Global Activities Scholars Program
  4. Judson Henry Morris, Jr. and Lynne Clemmons Morris Scholarship
  5. New Leaders in African-Centered Social Work Scholars Program
  6. Peace Corps Paul. D. Coverdell Fellows Program

Washington University in St. Louis

The Brown School at Washington University offers a well-reputed and highly ranked Master of Social Work program involved in a blend of coursework and fieldwork. It equips the graduates with the contemporary knowledge and skills to address the challenges with concentrations in children, health, socio-economic development, social impact, etc.

The limited number of Social Work scholarships offered are as below and can be further explored at the website link ( 

  1. AmeriCorps Scholarship
  2. Bettie Schroth Johnson Scholarship in Social Service Management
  3. Buder Foundation Scholarship
  4. City Year Scholarship
  5. Coro Fellows Scholarship
  6. Danforth Urban Scholars Program Scholarship
  7. Next Move Scholarship
  8. Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Scholarship
  9. Teach For America Scholarship
  10. Whitney M. Young, Jr. Scholarship
  11. Yellow Ribbon Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits
  12. Brown School & Endowed Scholarships
  13. Kahn Leadership Program for MSW/MPH Dual-Degree Students
  14. Columbia University 

With state-of-the-art research facility and commitment to address the issues of race, oppression, and privilege globally, the Masters of Social Work from Columbia prepares the candidates to gain skills in policy, management, clinical, or advocacy roles.

In a surge of persistent racial and economic prejudice, the program is designed to address the social inequities and provide equal access to all strata of society. It is no. 3 best schools for social work and no. 6 in best global university.

Partial tuition scholarships are given to eligible students who have submitted Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Further information is available on the website link ( 

The Need-based Social Work Scholarships ($5,000 to $10,000) to full-time scholarships with at least 10.5 credits, are US citizens and have a good academic profile. FAFSA determines scholarship eligibility and students receive endowed awards created by alumni as below:

  1. Mary Powell Scholarship to Promote Social Responsibility
  2. Ethel Lucas Mathiasen Memorial Scholarship
  3. Myrna I. Lewis Endowed Scholarship
  4. Helen Lehman Buttenwieser Scholarship

The competitive scholarship for students in the final/advanced year of study include: 

  1. Paige E. Cook Jr. Fellowship
  2. Benjamin and Agnes Louard Fellowship
  3. Overbrook Fellowship for Advanced Study in Clinical Social Work
  4. Mae L. Wien Prize in Family Planning, Counseling, and Population Control
  5. Honjo International Scholarship Foundation Scholarship
  6. Fisher Cummings Washington Fellows Program