Squid Game: Everything to know about the main Characters

Certainly Squid Game has a winning subject for many aspects, both visual and scenic. Not to forget, of course, how much that kind of story, which brings together a series of players in deadly tests, is damn appealing. Let’s just think about Hunger Games and its literary and cinematographic success. After that Squid Game also had that success because of its characters, their back stories and everything that happened to them. In this article, we will see which were the most interesting characters, delving into them so that we can also better understand the very popular TV show in analysis.

In Squid Game, Wi Ha-Joon plays Hwang Jun-ho, a Seoul police officer who happens to be at the police station when our protagonist tries in vain to tell what he saw during the first deadly game. The policeman becomes curious about the story, but it is after finding the same business card in the room of his missing brother that he throws himself headlong into the events.

He then tries in vain to get clues from Gi-hun on a possible lead, but the man is no help, so to get closer to the solution, Jun-ho goes undercover as a member of the games staff, triggering a detective story arc within the drama. Astute as few are, he manages to go unnoticed while maintaining calm and cool-headed even when faced with those situations that seemed impossible and truly dangerous.

How can we not also remember Cho Sang-woo? This man represents a bit of the universal story of the successful prodigy friend. Right from the start he is presented to us as a truly perfect being: graduated from a prestigious university with top marks and always the darling of the neighborhood, it turns out that after fruitful business investments, Sang-woo is wanted by the police for having robbed some of his customers.

Intelligent, highly calculating, and an expert at games, the character played by Hae-Soo seems to be a favorite in the arena, with a significant advantage over the other players and a useful ally for Gi-hun, clearly initially, until we realize that everything he does he does to overpower the others. As a matter of fact we have never loved him much, and the episode in which at the marbles game he cheats poor Ali made us hate him for good.

Another memorable character that is hard not to remember after watching Squid Game is Sae-byeok. Serious and inscrutable at first, she will meet people who manage to chip away at her armor and bring out her gentle and kind temperament. She participates in order to rescue her little brother from the orphanage where he is staying and reunite him with his mother, who is still on the other side of the line in North Korea. The trait that prevails throughout the game is the cunning, from the beginning in fact, thanks to his spirit of observation, makes good choices … never random!

Certainly we can not talk about Squid Game without mentioning and talk about the protagonist. I really appreciated Gi-hun in such a context because he is not a competitor like the others. He takes care of his opponents by bonding with the weakest one, an old man with a brain tumor, and he always tries to do the right thing, even if he often fails. He is a man with flaws and who has made several mistakes in his life: he finally seems to recognize them and wants to fix them because he participates in order to financially support his mother and obtain custody of his daughter. He is the example of a trust in people and an unconventional altruism, as well as the only one who cries in despair when faced with the gruesome deaths of others.

There are so many other deserving characters in Squid Game, in fact the series has an ensemble cast, but in these characters is contained what is the heart of the TV show. Thanks for reading.