Tea for Digestion: Gas, cramping, and bloating are some of the symptoms of poor digestion. Discover tea for digestion and get rid of discomforts.

Tea for digestion

Ah, the teas… warm and comforting drinks that have been used since the times of our grandmothers! Did you know that teas actually have many nutritional benefits? They are also great for improving digestion, a topic that we will cover in more detail in this article. Check out!

What is digestion?

Digestion is the process in which the body breaks the nutrients from food into smaller parts, favoring the absorption and transport of these nutrients to the rest of our body.

How can digestion be impaired?

This transport does not always happen in the best way, which ends up harming digestion. In this way, some factors can result in poor digestion, such as:

1. Consuming a lot of industrialized, fatty foods or eating in excess;
2. Not chewing food well or eating too quickly;
3. Ingesting excess liquids at meals;
4. Diseases that affect the stomach or intestine such as: gastritis, ulcer, constipation, or irritable bowel syndrome;
5. Use of drugs that attack the stomach mucosa.

How do improve the digestion process?

Tea for Digestion: It is important to investigate if there is any of the diseases described above, if the use of any medication is causing this symptom and how your diet is doing: is water consumption good? Are industrialized foods part of the diet with exaggeration? Are you eating healthy foods? Are you drinking some kind of tea for digestion that will help with the process?

The digestion process is influenced by many factors as described above, and it is necessary to understand what is causing poor digestion in order to improve this process.

Tea for digestion

Tea for digestion increases the production of digestive juices and stomach muscle contractions, favoring the digestion of food and reducing gas and discomfort after eating.

Tea for Digestion: Which teas for digestion have these benefits?

Boldo tea, fennel, mint, thyme, fennel, and Pinheiro Santa are great options for those looking for a good tea for digestion.


Is tea from the plant or bag better?

It is always better to prepare the tea with the leaf/flower/root of the plant. In this way, it is possible to guarantee the extraction of more beneficial compounds that that plant provides us and to drink better quality teas for digestion.

Can digestion tea be taken at will? Without prescription?

Keep in mind that nothing should be taken in excess. Very large consumption of any tea in the long term can cause kidney and liver problems. Always take the amount prescribed by your doctor/nutritionist.

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trendpresswire wants to know: Do you have the habit of including teas in your routine? In addition to being delicious and comforting for cold days, they can bring numerous benefits to your body!

Common questions

  • What is good for deflating the stomach?

    Fennel tea, Pinheiro Santa, and nutmeg are some tea options for digestion that help to deflate the stomach.

  • What are the symptoms of poor digestion?

    Feeling of a bloated stomach, abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, belching and drowsiness after meals are some of the symptoms of poor digestion. For that, how about looking for a tea for digestion that will help you relieve these symptoms?

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