The Barca captain LM10 is tired

The current skipper of the Argentina national football team Lionel Messi has become very angry, the report says that He can accept the blame for the failure on the ground. But it seems that he is blamed for other player’s failure on the ground now. So, the Argentine forward has made things clear. The Barca captain LM10 is tired. He wants to be released from it now.

The Barca star has felt boring the recent controversial news. Though it seems that in the whole last years, the controversial facts are surrounding him. His bonding with his club Barcelona is not like the old time. Barcelona is now facing various troubles in their home and away and Messi is also not pleased there as we all know that. In the last season, he as well as the team Barca spent with empty hands. They missed the league title and got the big defeat against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

Barca captain LM10

After the heartbroken defeat, Messi pointed to the management of the team directly. So, the president of the club Josep Maria took his leave and Messi wanted to leave the club the last August. Though because of the buyout clause, his wish did not see the light. But he is not in his best mood at the Camp Nou, it is so sure.

No, the new debate has come to him because of his teammate Antoine Griezmann. No, the former Atletico Madrid striker did not say anything but his relative Emmanuel Lopes blamed Lionel Messi for Griezmann’s irregular performance. He stated that it is always difficult to play beside Messi. They also know what happens inside the Nou Camp. 

After his statement, he made his move clear. Because of the LM10, Griezmann cannot provide his best. He also stated that Messi does not want to give effort in the practice and Barcelona’s training is just to make him happy. Now, Messi also provides his feedback for this blaming situation. He is tired to give feedback for this fake news. So, he just wants to be released from them.