The United States Government Was Threatened To Be Shutdown By Republican Lawmakers.

The United States under President Joe Biden’s led adminstration has received threat of shutting down the Government from the opposition Party.

The representative from both parties have come up with a plan that will sustain the Government but according to the rule of Senate, all 100 Senators needs to come into an agreement before they can quickly pass the plan before Friday.

Despite all these, a group of Senators from Republican have been threatening all through the weeks to delay the passage of the resolution over the rules of President Joe Biden’s administration that mandates every employer who have 100 or more to make sure that all their employees got vaccinated against Coronavirus.

It is the belief of the lawmakers that their cause of trying to prevent the shutdown during weekend or extent to the next week is very certain.

Sen. Mike Lee of Utah from Republican happens to be the latest GOP conference members to made it know that he’ll object to prompt passage of the resolution.

According to Mike, “The only thing I am about to shut down is an act of immoral enforcement and unconstitutional vaccine mandate.”

When the Senate GOP leader, Mitch Mcconnell was asked if he thinks the Senate would welcome the resolution as soon as it passes the house, he responded “I hope so as we’re not going to shut the Government down.”

According to Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina said he didn’t agree with his colleague’s decision to shut down the Government because the bill will be beneficial to Americans.