Three Robbers Caught At Nordstrom Store In California

About 3people have been arrested and put in Custody over theft in Los Angeles.


A gang of robbers sneaked through windows with a sledgehammer and some dangerous tools at a store in Los Angeles.


According to a report gotten from Police said ” LAPD has been making investigation on those suspects and more information about them will be unveiled soonest”.


It was the believe of the Police that the suspects were up to 20 in number, the mall where the scenario took place was protected with a barbed wire around it.


The arrest goes with a similar scenario of snatchers aiming at high retailers in San Francisco.


It was confirmed that another Nordstrom shop was earlier targeted by a group of people consist of about 80 in numbers all masked and held dangerous weapons.


There was also a Louis Vuitton shop in San Francisco which was emptied by robbers earlier before this incident occurred.


A lot of other establishment worth dozens such as; Marijuana dispensaries were also aimed by these hungry robbers.


The California State Governor, Gov. Gavin has commented on the widespread of crimes and assured the affected People of prompt investigation.