Top 4 Mesothelioma Scholarship

Mesothelioma Scholarship: Mesothelioma is cancer that lines the lungs and the abdomen area. The root cause for mesothelioma cancer is excessive asbestos exposure. In quest of raising awareness among the public about its devastating effects, the scholarship provides financial aid and assistance for pursuing higher education. Primarily, the designed criteria encourage the candidates who have battled cancer at any stage of their life or have a close relative (parent, sibling, or a family member) suffering from cancer or has battled cancer.
Top 4 mesothelioma scholarship
The availability of the scholarship extends to all colleges and universities throughout the United States as it aims to enrich the understanding and awareness of mesothelioma and the potential dangers of being exposed to asbestos. The available scholarships are as below:

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship

The prestigious Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship is offered by Grand Valley State University with an award amount of $4,000 to one student in each semester who has battled or been impacted by cancer (not limited to mesothelioma). The award extends to the students as wells who have a parent, sibling, or relative been affected by cancer. The eligibility criteria are as below:

  • Two-year or a four-year university, community college, junior college, or graduate degree program
  • Applicable to all relevant US students nationwide
  • Good grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or above

The information and process of applying are available on the link ( While further information can be acquired from with Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship explicitly mentioned in the subject line. 

Mesothelioma Memorial Scholarship

Mesothelioma memorial scholarship was started to honor the memory of a loved one who has lost the battle against deadly cancer. This esteemed scholarship in terms of financial aid is available to several organizations and institutions. The basic eligibility criteria involve a full-time enrolment into a US-based four (04) year university/college program (any field) along with two (02) relevant recommendation letters. The amount varies annually but the maximum award roughly amounts to $2,500 based on the quality of the application and interview. The application process includes the following:

  • Written Essay (800 – 1300 words) exhibiting awareness, relevant information, personal anecdotes, scholarship motivation, etc.
  • Video Essay (2-3 minute YouTube Video) on how cancer has impacted your life

Jan Egerton and Don Smitley Mesothelioma Scholarship

Jan Egerton battled Mesothelioma for over a decade and this award is in a bid to raise awareness of mesothelioma cancer and provide information on its prognosis and potential hazards of being exposed to asbestos. The scholarship is offered to all US citizens nationwide who are enrolled/accepted in any college/university. The range of prizes to four successful students ranges from $2,500 to $500 respectively. The application process includes: 

  • All high school/undergraduate/graduate has written an essay (750 to 1500 words) exhibiting a personal story, raising awareness, battling mesothelioma, and contribution of education in helping cancer patients
  • Proof of enrollment/acceptance
  • One (01) essay per student

The scholarship period is opened in February, July, and September with a maximum award amount of $2,500. The scholarship essay is required to be submitted on this email ( 

Mesothelioma Center Scholarship

 Mesothelioma Center Scholarship has been introduced to bring the issue of terminal mesothelioma cancer to the fore and raise awareness about the disease, research, and survivors. An amount of $3,000 is awarded to the first place holder while $2,000 is awarded to the second place holder. The requirements for eligibility are as follows:

  • Undergraduate/Graduate students US nationwide
  • Age of 18 years and older
  • Proof of acceptance/enrollment in U.S university/college
  • Essay (750 to 1500 words) in line with the rules
  • Two (02) letters of recommendations

The deadline for submission of the application is 31 August 2022 (
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