Quick Facts about Trisha Paytas

 Trisha Paytas
Trisha Paytas

Full Name

Trisha Kay Paytas

Nick Name


Date of Birth

May 8, 1988

Place of Birth

Riverside, California




Pecatonica High School


Internet Personality, Singer, and Actress

Marital Status


Zodiac Sign



5.4 Feet



Eye Color




Net worth

$ 4 million

Who is Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas is an American actress, internet personality, singer, and songwriter. Paytas has appeared in more than 45 television series with the most iconic ones being; “My Strange Addiction”, “Dr. Phill”, as well as “America’s Got Talent”. She is a renowned YouTuber whose YouTube channel has garnered more than a million subscribers. Paytas’ YouTube channel is a fashion and lifestyle channel through which she provides some of the best tips on DIY and fashion among other tips. Besides, her epic appearance on “Big Brother UK” has garnered much popularity among fans across the world. 

How was Paytas’ Early Life?

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Trisha Paytas was born Trisha Kay Paytas on the 8th of May 1988 in Riverside, California. Trisha, together with her two siblings, Nick Paytas, and Kalli Metz are the children of Lenna Paytas and Frank Paytas. Both her siblings have also taken her route since they are also internet personalities. When she was just three, her parents divorced and thus forcing her to grow up shifting from California and Illinois. Trisha attended the “Pecatonica High School” in Illinois and upon graduation, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. While pursuing her acting career in Los Angeles, Trisha Paytas found herself trying out modeling alongside stripping in a bid to make her financial heads meet. Her take-off stage in the acting career was not a walk in the park since she was mostly given the “blink-and-you-miss-it” roles that in most cases went unnoticed. 

How has been her Career Journey?

While she worked as a model cum stripper, Trisha was also a talented dancer who appeared on various music videos with big stars such as Army Winehouse and Eminem. This, was enough orientation for young Trisha Paytas into the music industry since she would later release hit singles such as “Warrior”, Cinderella”, “Hot For Teacher”, and “Daddy Issues” among others. The artist has also in recent years released songs like “I Love You, Jesus”, “Silence”,  “ I Hate My Life”, and “Freaky”.

It was until 2006 however, that Trisha debuted her onscreen career as a correspondent in “The Greg Behrendt Show “. This was a quite good start off for her television career since a year later, the actress appeared on season 2 of the real season, “Who Wants to Be a Superhero?” Later in 2007, Trisha got her first real break after she created her YouTube channel named “blndsundoll4mj” which basically deals with beauty, fashion tips as well as giving relationship advice.

Trisha Paytas debuted her television career after she started showing up for the competition entitled the “world’s fastest-talker “. This was the was just but the beginning of her television career since she would later appear in more than 45 television series. Over the years, Trisha has made an appearance in a good number of films and TV series such as “Geezas”“To Get her”, “The Ellen DeGeneres,” “Huge”, “Faster”, and “Modern Family” among many others.

As Trisha rose to popularity on her YouTube channel, her acting career also extended its territories since she got the opportunity to act on several television shows such as “The Greg Behrendt Show” as well as the “British Celebrity Big Brother “. The actress has also starred in the short film “Viral Video” which was released in 2014 launching her own podcast entitled, “Dish With Trish” a year later. Besides, Trisha has hosted the podcast, “Let’s Talk About Sex” since 2017 up to date.

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Who has Trisha Paytas Dated?

Trisha Paytas is one celebrity whose dating life is interesting and at the same time complicated. Before meeting her current boyfriend, Jason Nash, Trisha is alleged to have dated a long chain of men. Previously the actress was in a five-year relationship with Anthony Michael Hall, an American actor. The duo is reported to have started dating in 2008 before their long-term relationship ended unceremoniously paving a way for Trisha to date Roger Bart, another American actor. Their relationship lasted for two years before their love turned sour. In 2015 Trisha had a one-year affair with dancer Sean van der Wilt.

Trisha Paytas & Jason Nash Broke Up? - Dankanator

Currently, Trisha Paytas is in a relationship with Jason Nash, her fellow YouTuber. As a confirmation that they are together, Trisha has on several occasions appeared on Nash’s social medial posts, videos, and vlogs.

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What about Her Body Stats?

Trisha Paytas has a decent physique with a medium height and weight. The YouTuber stands tall at a height of 5.4 Feet which is approximately 1.63 meters. She is not that light since her weight is 81Kilograms or approximately 178 pounds. Her body measurement is 37-30-37 whereas her shoe size is number 8. Trisha’s eye color is blue whereas her hair is blonde.

How Worth is Trisha Paytas?

  1. At her age, Trisha Paytas can be termed as rich.
  2. This is because she has an estimated net worth of $ 4 million as of 2020.
  3. His wealth comes from the various ventures she dives in to ranging from acting, being a YouTuber, her entrepreneurial activities as well as singing.
  4. The “British Celebrity Big Brother “ is alleged to earn between $ 100 00 and 1.5 million annually. Daily, her YouTube channel is estimated to earn her about $ 2000.
  5. Trisha also does brand endorsements and merchandise promotion on her currently two YouTube channels which in turn earn her sizable income.
  6. As an entrepreneur, Trisha Paytas bags some good income from the sales of her perfume line.

Did You Know?

  1. Trisha Paytas is a trained Taekwondo martial.
  2. In the early days of her career, she worked as a stripper
  3. The YouTuber attempted to break the world’s fastest-talker record though her attempt proved futile since she was able to speak only 710 words in a minute.
  4. As a dancer, she has appeared in the music videos of renowned artists like Eminem and Army Winehouse.
  5. In 2016 Trisha supported Donald Trump’s presidential bid.
  6. She is one of the biggest YouTube names with over 5 million subscribers

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