Trump Adviser Criticizes Biden’s Plan On Iran Nuclear Deal.

Former President Trump’s National Security Adviser made it know that any agreement with the Government of Iran which ended in a Weakened Nuclear agreement will be a crazy deal for the United States.

According to the Tuesday briefing, the Iranian former director, Rich Goldberg condemn the latest report of United State under President Biden that is looking for “Plan B” option in making deal with Iran.

The President of the United States has pledged in his campaign to bring back the Nuclear agreement of Iran.

Tehran who has agreed to visit all leaders in some times to come in order to make the 2015 deal but the Government has advice the US Government to search for alternative should incase the initial deal failed.

The exact solution remains unclear but the probability that the sanction would increased is very high.
The US State Secretary, Anthony Blinken has said in his statement last month that US and it’s neighborhood will make sure that they deal with every challenges caused by Iran.

The officials have confirmed that Iran’s failure to agree with the JCPOA, the sunset provision are still ready to lift for a year.

“It is totally a crazy deal if you want to go into agreement with Iran” Goldberg added.

The withdrawal of the US critics from the deal would rather damage the Nuclear deal if care is not taken.