A Popular Republican leader from Pennsylvania, Sean Parnell has suspended his 2022 Senatorial Campaign.

It was noted that a one term US President Donald J. Trump was supporting Sean Parnell before he backed out from the race as a result of his lost fight to his wife who are no more together.

After the decision of the Court, Parnell place a call to former President Trump immediately to notify him of his new decision to back out of the race.
According to Sean Parnell said ” I totally disagree with Court’s ruling today and I am very unhappy with it as I am considering to appeal the verdict”

“The two most important points that the judge lay emphasis on in arriving at the decision was that I am a frontline US Senate Candidate. My children are the most important thing that has ever happened to me and as I am planning to appeal the case, there’s no way I can continue the 2022 Campaign, all my thoughts from now is on how to get my Children back as I am going to let the court know that I do not have any other thing more than my children” he said.

While the case was ongoing, Sean Parnell’s wife testified that Parnell abused her verbally, physically and hit their children.

Sean Parnell was among hundreds of Republican Candidates vying for 2022 Senatorial seat while Seven members are also running for senate seat in Pennsylvania from Democratic Party.

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