Ever since the former President Donald J. Trump has went on holiday, lots of profit has been booming for him, Trump who is currently producing a book and promised to made it ready at mid December at a price of $74.99 for those who are willing to have a copy.

President Donald Trump says ” All photograph is picked by myself, same way all captions are written by myself”

According to President Trump ” some people may be thinking that the price “Our Journey Together” is a little bit expensive. You can have Pete Souza’s picture book related to Former President Obama for $30 but if you follow these and compare same with Trump’s book, you didn’t really have true idea on the Importance of my book” he said.

For all my loyalist, this book is worth more than the price, it is my first “post white house” book and for these reasons, it is important for over 75Million voters who voted for me to have a copy.

If we talk about what it takes to produce a book like this, it is possible to print a book for as low as $4 but shipping, mailing and other cost, you can calculate it yourself.

Most former Presidents have passed on the method Trump do use to market his books to direct consumers and it’s very safe to assume that they hang back some accolade for the office.

Former President Donald J. Trump has already put in place what could be earning him cash after he had leave the Presidential seat as he founded the “Save America” Political action Committee and got donations worth $82Million in six months.

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