Trump Told Rep. Ilhan Omar To Apologize For Marrying Her Brother.

Donald J. Trump has heavily criticized Rep. Ilhan Omar over her conspiracy theory that her Ex husband is her brother.
According to President Trump, “Rep. Ilhan Omar should tender apology for marrying her brother, commiting large scale immigration and electoral fraud.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar was born in 1982 in Somalia and was granted assylum into the United States alongside her father and siblings.
Ilhan Omar has several times made it know that her Ex-husband, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi is her brother which is very absurd, shameful and totally uncalled for.

It has been alleged that Omar married a British National Elmi, who returned to England after his divorce so as to gain citizenship but it was noted that Omar and her siblings came into the US as refugee and were able to gets residency and green cards.

Trump issued this release following hot phone conversation that led to trading of words between Ilhan Omar and Rep. Lauren Boebert.