Trump’s Ally, Rep. Marjorie Greene Sets Yardstick For Electing A House Speaker.

Marjorie Taylor, one of the strongest Rep in the house who is also an ally of the former President Donald J. Trump has on Thursday said he’ll strategized her demand for a GOP leader who will earn her vote should in case Republicans hold majority of seat in the 2022 midterm election and further expressed “no confidence” in the Minority leader, Kevin Mccarthy being elected as the House Speaker.

According to her ‘It is known to all that Mccarthy has a problem in the conference. He has no required support to be elected as the Speaker’.
She further said that Mccarthy doesn’t have all necessary support to gather votes required for him to clinch the seat because a lot of us are not happy about the failure of holding Republicans responsible while the likes of Paul Gosar and others including my personal self will be acused by the Democrats.

Rep. Greene had previously made it know that she has her yardstick to follow in order to vote for a particular candidate as the speaker and also speak on some challenges ahead of McCarthy in his quest for the speakership race.
Among her yardstick, she said the GOP Reps such as; Adam Kinzinger from Illinois and Liz Cheney of Wyoming must be kicked out of the Republican conference in the House for being part of the January 6 committee which Mccarthy has earlier resisted.

These demands was as a result of aggravation from fellow Republican with GOP leadership in the House as McCarthy showed interest in the speakership race.

Those who have Voiced increasing skepticism with Mccarthy in some weeks have also shown interest in the speakership race which is still as far as a year and more away.