Twins the trend “the popular upcoming youtube channel”

Twins The Trend

Twins The Trend
Twins the trend

Twins the trend is very popular upcoming youtube channel which is formulated by two twin brothers namely Tim and Fred Williams. They are just of Twenty two years of age.

Both of them started their work from listening to a wide variety of songs including all the traditional songs, raps, classical, every category. They used to remix the songs and make them a new song.

They change traditional and classical music into new music.

They both have raised because of these two categories of songs that is Gospel and Rap.

They both once said they don’t listen to music but they feel the music.

They choose the songs which are liked or demanded by their subscribers.

They have about 430,000 subscribers on YouTube. They both have hacked millions of likes by the fans.

Viewers like the facial expressions and instruments that they play themselves.

They said music is a healing medicine to them as they have survived through struggles including poverty and violence.

Their family members were substance abused and her mother was in prison for years.

Their songs motivated her to come out of prison and drug addiction. After 11 years

her mother came out of both prison and drug addiction.

This channel is a very motivational youtube channel.

They both said they are following their dreams. These words are truly inspirations for all the youth.

Both of them goes viral.

Tim came up with the idea of maa king youtube channel. Fred studies criminal justice at Indiana State University. They both are from Gray, Indiana. Music for them was an escape from the thinking. Her mother wanted to do something and that they love music.

They wanted to create music and wanted to bring people closer as music has no colour.