Types of Scholarships Available for International Students

Best Top 9 Types of Study Abroad Scholarships

For those looking to fund their higher studies, there are many scholarships to consider. While each university and program often have its exclusive scholarships, there are other options available funded by private institutes, public organizations, companies, corporates, and individuals. These scholarships are granted to deserving students from all kinds of personal, academic, and professional backgrounds.

Scholarships Available for International Students
Scholarships Available for International Students

Types Of Scholarships For International Students In USA

Here is a list of types of scholarships available to students, particularly students pursuing a graduate or undergraduate degree from the US.

  1. Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are highly competitive merit-based scholarships. These scholarships often fund your entire academic costs and not only include tuition fees but other costs as well like living expenses, books, insurance, etc. Some great examples for scholarships under Academic are; Fulbright Scholarship and Humphrey Fellowship Program.

  1. Community Service Scholarships

Many people do community and social work to help others and to make a positive change in society. People involved in these kinds of activities find joy and satisfaction in helping other less fortunate people, communities, and animals. However, there is a less known advantage of community work that many people are unaware of, that is many individuals and organizations show their appreciation by providing scholarships to individuals who have dedicated their time to social development and work. Americorps Vista and Equitable Excellence Scholarship are two examples of Community Service Scholarships.

  1. Athletic Scholarships

This type of scholarship is very exclusive to the US, and other countries rarely have this type of scholarship for their pupil. As the name suggests, athletic scholarships are rewarded to individuals who play a sport exceptionally well. These could be any kind of sports like football, basketball, swimming, etc. Many universities have their scholarships to offer to incoming students, while there are some general platforms where students can sign up for a chance of private scholarships like be Recruited.

  1. Scholarships for Extracurricular

Many students in high school are involved in extracurricular activities that include debates, music, and boys/girls scouts. Many colleges offer scholarships to students who have been active in some productive extracurricular.

  1. Scholarships for Minorities

Universities and colleges aim to have a diverse student body and aim to allow students from minority backgrounds to study with them. Many students who belong to minority groups have certain limitations like finances that at times prevent them from attending college. To give them a fair chance of studying at college or university, many organizations, philanthropists, colleges, and companies have specific scholarships for them. They are merit and need-based (or both) and are exclusively for a particular minority group. For example, The Jackie Robinson Foundation is a scholarship exclusively for African Americans and gives funds up to $30,000 to deserving students.

  1. Need-Based Scholarships.

While many scholarships are merit-based or talent-based scholarships, some scholarships are aimed to support students who demonstrated a financial need regardless of their personal, racial, or academic background. Hagan Scholarship and P.E.O International Peace Scholarship are two examples of need-based scholarships.

  1. Employer-sponsored Scholarships

Employer-sponsored Scholarships are awards to an employee of a particular company or organization where the employee’s educational expense is covered by the employer. Many companies fully or partially sponsor diplomas or other educational programs to help their employees learn new skills.

  1. Military Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to military personnel or their family members to reward them for their services. Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) has a variety of scholarships that it offers. Many of these scholarships cover full tuition fees and other expenses such as living expenses. These scholarships, however, are highly competitive and are given on merit. There are many other scholarships independent of ROTC that give awards to military personnel. Many universities and colleges have their scholarships set aside for anyone who has served in the military.

  1. Scholarships for Patients and Survivors of a Serious Illness or Trauma

These scholarships are awarded to patients and/or their family members, who are fighting a critical illness. The struggle of a person and their family going through a serious illness is surreal and hard. Many organizations, individuals, survivors, and corporations have set up scholarships to help them. For example the Mesothelioma Scholarship and Cancer Survivor Fund for cancer survivors.