According what Michigan Rep. Ellisa Slotkin Tweeted, ” When the news of our trips was made public yesterday, we received a message from the Chinese embassy to call off the trip.”

The office later shared the excerpts of the news with NBC stated that it was received from the embassy.

The embassy wrote as follows, “We hereby urge the Congresswomen to cancel the propose visit to Taiwan and not to be supporting and embolden separatist forces of ‘Taiwan Independence’, or else, it will cause a big damage to the relationship exists between the United States and China, also the peace and stability of the Taiwans.”

The delegation’s bipartisan that was led by the House veterans Committee Chairman, Mark Takano, came on Thursday.
The relationship of the United States and China has been strained by the American support for Taiwan’s milliary and elevation of unofficial relations.

China, which lay claim to Taiwan and that do not have ties with any country that admitted to the autonomous island as an independent nation.
As a result of this, United States does not maintain an embassy nor recognize Taiwan.

The lawmakers suggested long term solutions and affirmed that the United States has improved its bond with Taiwan over the last years through consulating of agreement and regular support for Taiwan’s proper security and United States’s official visitation.

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