Undertaker Biography, Age, Career, and Net worth

Quick Facts about the Undertaker

Undertaker Biography, Age, Career, And Net Worth
Undertaker biography, age, career, and net worth
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Full Name

Mark William Calaway

Nick Name(s)

The Undertaker, Deadman, The Punisher, Big Evil, The Phenon

Date of Birth

24th March, 1965

Place of Birth

Houston, Texas


55 Years




Waltrip High School

Texas Wesleyan University


Professional Wrestler

Marital Status


Spouse (s)

Jodi Lynn (1989-1999)

Sara Calaway (2000-2007)

Michelle McCool (2010-Present)


Gunner Vincent, Chasey, Gracie, and Kaia Faith


6.8 Ft


138 Kg

Hair Color


Eye Color

Hazel Brown

Net Worth

$ 19 million (as of January 2021)

 Who is The Undertaker?

The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler often considered one of the world’s best and most popular wrestlers. He is best known for his signature moves in the ring that includes; back body drop, running head drop, reverse STO, and big boot among others. His finishing moves include; tombstone pile driver, chokeslam, iron claw, and last ride among others. The Undertaker is a three-time “World Heavyweight Champion” and four-time “WWF/WWE Champion”. Away from the ring taker is also an actor and television who has appeared in the comedy-action-sci-fi film, “Suburban Commando” and talk show “ Live with Regis and Kathie Lee”. His popular personality has seen him endorse various brands including TV commercials such as “Hasbro WWF Figures”, “Spur Ride and Rally”, and “WWF Super Bowl”.

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How Was Undertaker’s Early Life?

Undertaker Biography, Age, Career, And Net Worth
Undertaker biography, age, career, and net worth

The Undertaker was born Mark William Calaway on the 24th of March, 1965 in Houston, Texas, U.S. He is the fifth and the youngest son of Betty Catherine Truby and Frank Compton Calaway. Young Undertaker attended Waltrip High School where he actively participated in athletic games as well as playing basketball. Upon graduation from high school in 1983, the Undertaker joined Texas Wesleyan University where he continued playing basketball alongside his studies. His outstanding basketball skills played a vital role for “The Rams” in the 1985-1986 season. 

The Undertaker had a great passion for wrestling, an ambition that drove him to join the “World Class Championship Wrestling” (WCCW) in 1984 under the ring name “Texas Red”. Later in 1989 undertaker joined “World Championship Wrestling” (WCW) under the ring name, “Mean Mark Callous” and from there the wrestler acquired a series of other ring names including, “Dead Man”, “The Phenom”, “Big Evil”, “The Punisher” and “The Undertaker” among many other nicknames.

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How Has Been His Career Journey?

Undertaker Biography, Age, Career, And Net Worth
Undertaker biography, age, career, and net worth

The Undertaker ventured into the wrestling industry in 1984 where he wrestled in the “World Class Championship Wrestling” (WCCW) under the ring name “Texas Red”. Later in 1989, the then-Texas Reds joined the “World Championship Wrestling” (WCW) where he adopted the name “Mean Mark Callous”. Taker wrestled for WCW for a year before debuting in the “World Wrestling Federation” (WWF) in 1990. Later in 2002 WWF was renamed “World Wrestling Entertainment” (WWE) 2002. 

His first on-screen appearance at WWF was in the “Survivor Series” held on November 22nd, 1990 under the ring name, “Kane the Undertaker”. His first year at WWF was characterized by feuds involving him with the legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan and which ended with a match at the 1991’s Survivor Series. With the help of Ric Flair, the Undertaker defeated Hogan making him the youngest WWF champion before his record was broken two years later by Yokozuna.

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At the 1994’s Survivor Series, the Dead Man defeated Yokozuna in a casket match before later in 1998 winning the “WWF Tag Team Championship” together with then-reigning WWF champion Stone Cold Steve Austin in a tag team match against Mankind and Kane. Due to a groin injury, he suffered in the late ‘90s take took some break from the ring before making an iconic return in 2000. His match against Van Dam at “Vengeance” was one of its kind with the Undertaker winning the “WWF Hardcore Championship”. Taker won his first “Royal Rumble” match in 2007 after eliminating his long-time rival, Shown Michaels.

In 2015 the wrestler lost to Brock Lesnar at the “Hell in a Cell” match before later in the year defeating the Wyatt family with the help of Kane at the Survivor Series. Before beating Goldberg at the “Super Showdown” in 2019, the Undertaker had previously defeated John Cena in a three-minute squash match in January 2018.

Away from the ring, the undertaker has also made an appearance in some films such as “Suburban Commando” (1991) and “Beyond the Mat” (1999). The wrestler has also appeared in the 1999’s “Poltergeist: The Legacy” television show as the Soul Chaser Demon.

To whom has The Undertaker been married?

The Undertaker is a family man. All through his entire life, the Undertaker has been married thrice. The wrestler first tied knots with Jodi Lynn in 1989. The couple was blessed with a son named Gunner Vincent in 1993 before their love got sour leading to a divorce in 1999.

The same year he divorced Lynn, the undertaker started dating American female wrestler, Sara Calaway, whom he engaged in 1999 before walking down the aisle on the 21st of July 2000. For the seven years the couple was together, it was blessed with two daughters namely; Chasey and Gracie. Taker and Sara divorced in 2007.

Upon divorcing Sara, Taker started dating Michelle McCool, a female wrestler whom he wed on the 26th of June 2010. The couple has lived together ever since and has been blessed with a daughter Kaia Faith born on the 29th of August 2012. 

Undertaker Biography, Age, Career, And Net Worth
Undertaker biography, age, career, and net worth
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What are His Body Stats?

Being a wrestler, the Undertaker has impressive body measurements. The wrestler stands tall at 6.8 feet or 2.03 meters. He weighs 138 Kg or 310 pounds. His chest measurement is 50 inches whereas his waist and biceps measure 38 inches and 17.5 inches respectively. His eye color is Hazel Brown while his hair color is Brown.

How Worth is the Undertaker?

  • As of January 2020, the Undertaker’s net worth is estimated to be $ 19 million.
  • Most of his wealth comes from his wrestling career where he is reported to pocket about $ 2 million annually as salary from the WWE.
  • The Undertaker together with Scott Everhart has partnered in investing in real estate where they have constructed a $ 2.7 million building named “The Calahart” in Loveland, Colorado.
  • Together with his ex-wife Sara, Taker launched The Zeus Compton Calaway Save the Animals fund in Texas to help save the lives of large-breed dogs.
  • The best of all-time wrestler also bags a lot of income from endorsement deals where in the past he has featured in TV commercials such as “Hasbro WWF Figures”, “Spur Ride and Rally”, and “WWF Super Bowl”.

What are Some of His Achievements?

  1. In 1989 the Undertaker won the “USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship”
  2. He is a four-time winner of the “WWF/WWE Championship” for the years 1991, 1997, 1999, and 2002.
  3. In 2001 Taker won the “WWF Hardcore Championship”.
  4. The Undertaker is a three-time “World Heavyweight Champion”

What are the Laser Known Facts about the Undertaker?

  1. The wrestler is the current record holder as the WWE wrestler has competed on television more than any other WWE superstar.
  2. Despite his ruthless performance in the ring, the Undertaker is Very loyal to his boss Vince McMahon.
  3. All through his long-tenured career, the Undertaker has never lost a match through submission.
  4. He has a phobia of Cucumbers.
  5. Although his on-screen wrestling debuted in 1990, the undertaker has been wrestling since 1984.
  6. He is a talented basketball player who played for his high school and college teams.

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