United States Lighting Fixtures Markets Announcement 2020

The news shows an extensive image of the lighting fixtures enterprise in the US, furnishing data and tendencies 2014-2019 and forecast up to 2023.

From one pointer, the report assesses the major tendencies involving the demand over the recent five years, contemplating the creation, the consumption, the intentions and the exports of lighting accessories in the government. 

On the distinct pointer, it requires a calculation of the demand configuration and the robust strategy, a synopsis of the diffusion network and the central players regulating in the market.

Market Highlights

2019 was a demanding year expected to stagnant development in formation spending, problems attributed with U.S. exchange agreements, and partially because of the LED “revolution” is moderately taking off to stop.

 As a conclusion, the U.S. household market is totaled to agreement by 5.1% to an importance of USD 19.5 billion. In 2020, the COVID-19 pestilence has disrupted industry, trade, marketing, finiancial and credit markets, in the U.S. and globally overseeing to an additional decline of 9% in glowing consumption.

In 2019, in the United States only 14% of the regional output was aimed at to exports (USD 1.9 billion); whereas virtually 84% of the residential market was convinced by imports. Despite the business resistance, China continues the prime importing nation, while Mexico and Canada are ensnaring.

International Trade

Glinting appliances exports and imports are contemplated, ceased to function by nation and by geographical region of destination/origin. The period rack contemplated is 2013-2018.

Market Structure

The lighting fixtures demand is allocated into four major segments:





Within them, the call is distant halt down by species of commodity, by technology, and by the spot of creation.

Distribution Channels

The examination of the diffusion policy is governed by the attending channels:



Lighting Specialists

Lifestyle stores

Distributors and Reps

Home Improvement

DIY stores


A nomination of over 100 among architectural bureaus and lighting makers, electrical and lighting wholesalers, and furnishings stocks is also encompassed.

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