Update on COVID19

Covid-19 trials in India are established to win against cumulative cases in the U.S. in weeks as the nation begins again to expand cases at the rapid rate in the globe.


India expanded over 55,000 new trials in 24 hours seizing the whole tally to more than 71.7 lakh in Asia’s third-largest frugality, according to the Health Ministry’s reports as of 8 a.m. on Oct. 13. This encompasses more than 1.09 lakh casualties and almost 62.2 lakh who have regained.


The U.S. nowadays has the elevated amount of Covid-19 lawsuits in the world — over 78 lakh — with over 3.4 lakh added in the last week, according to the Centres For Disease Control and Prevention. India has expanded nearly 5 lakh trials in a similar period.


  1. The total quantity of actual coronavirus cases in the country is 71,75,880.
  2. A total number of Active cases in the country are 8,38,729.
  3. Total number of Cured/discharged/migrated cases are 62,27,295.
  4. Total number of casualties are 1,09,856
  5. Total number of new cases in 24 hours is 55,342
  6. One-day recoveries are 77,760
  7. One-day deaths are 706.

If we talk about today’s report I .e.204th day since India enforced a national lockdown, to enable prevent the novel coronavirus pestilence. So far, India has documented 71,75,880 substantiated COVID-19 trials, comprising 1,09,856 deaths. Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have documented the tallest number of cases. However, diseases are surging quickly in states like Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Yet, India’s healing rate begins again to rise and directly stands at 86.8 per cent. ‘Unlock 5.0’ is underway. In the world, there have been over 3.77 crore actual cases of COVID-19. More than 10.78 lakh people have lost theirilivesill now.


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