Taiwan and America set to hold second session of an Economic dialogue which was launched last year despite the increasing oppression from China on the island.


This was made known publicly on Friday during a meeting between the President of the United State and Xi Jinping.
Jinping claimed that advocates of Taiwanese independence residing in the United State were taking part in dangerous undertaking.

The Department of the United State Energy, Environment and Economic Growth under Secretary Jose Fernandez will head the upcoming dialogue of the Economic prosperity partnership between United State and Taiwan on Monday.

Flag of The United State And Taiwan

The dialogue would commence under the body of American Institute in Taiwan(AIT) and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, TECRO in the United State which is respectively regards as their embassies.

The Foreign Minister of Taiwan said that, the online meeting would be headed by Taiwan Minister of Economic and Science and Technology, Wang Mei-hua and Wu Tsung-tsong respectively.

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It is the hope of Taiwan that the dialogue leads to a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United State Government and aid last year meeting as a good decision.

Joe Biden has continued in the increased US engagement under the former President of the United State, Donald J. Trump with Taipei to the aggression of Beijing which affirm Taiwan has its own.
Taiwan however hope to sign the Free Trade Agreement with the United State soonest.

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