USA : The Red Bull Way

USA : The Red Bull Way



Over the earlier eight years, the US Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas has evolved one of our absolute favourite fora on the Formula One graph. It’s badly disappointing to not be touring Austin this year but we are intending for to #ChargeOn at COTA in 2021 for a US Grand Prix larger and adequately than permanently – and we had like to put up with you with us.


And because everything is BIGGER in Texas we are inaugurating our BIGGEST ever tournament – USA THE RED BULL WAY. , The champion of which, concurrently with a colleague, will be uniting us on the outing of a lifetime to accompany the 2021 US race.

The champion and their visitor will be drifted to Austin where they will obtain lodging in the self-proclaimed Music Capital of the World.


They will obtain behind the spectacles admission to the paddock, enabling them to appreciate the exercise, authorizing and the US Grand Prix from the courage of the litigation. 


They will be asked for to stake a Red Bull with Christian and the motorists, snatch their banquets alongside the committee in our hospitality battalion, trek the garage, and appreciate a variety of goodies encompassing a TAG-Heuer stare, Puma trainers, Team commodity and a Go Pro to picture their knowledge.


Honda will be furnishing carrier between airport, motel and excursion, and our collaborators at ExxonMobil will furnish an energy coupon, should they want to wander beyond the Texan equity’s active downtown music and bbq spectacle.


 Our friends at COTA retain also thrown in an excursion up the COTA Tower during a trial, furnishing the nicest chairs in the house. COTA has existed the spectacle for some of our tremendous accomplishments.


 It was in Austin that Red Bull Racing documented F1’s first sub-two moment’s trench stop, we have been on the platform seven periods, taken two pole stances, finalizing the Constructors’ Title in 2012 and victory in 2013.


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