Washington flooding got residents confused.

Volunteers of the Dumas Advent Christian Church besides Canada-US boarder was partially under water about 2days back as they found themselves in muddied rainboat where their shelters, food and hygiene products were fully drowned.Some years back, the belongings have been serving as clothing materials for the people of the town but the water started coming in immediately they evacuated the place.

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Lots of disasters have been happening in the corner of Northwest Washington before now and the people of the said environment blame it all on the atmospheric condition.In June, there was an aridity, summer and unforgettable rain. Mr. Jerry Debruin who is the Chief of Whatcom County said “There’s probability that the event would reoccur again” During a Church this week, Mr. Kyle Christensen and Sumas mayor joined the rehabilitation team, boots, local fire department and jacket were given to every individuals.The residents said, this will be the second time such flood have happened.


Christensen said ” despite he has not gotten to where he was going, he must confess that 2020 went so bad.It is a very hard task to restore unity into a particular society. The most likely used pooled resources in such a time like these are all exhibiting same issue.Finally, years ago, all the properties have been proved and have been serving as shelters for every individuals.The watershed planner for Whatcom, Chris Elder who knows most of all these things said members of the Council posses barn beside the river.