What new features can be seen in the iPhone-13

Although Apple is set to inaugurate the iPhone 12 sequel smartphones on October 13, the rumours about the iPhone 13 sequel have already begun circulating. As per the report from the sources, iPhone 13 will have a minor level than the iPhone 11 while the level on iPhone 12 will stay identical to the iPhone 11. The tipster made the claims through a tweet. In the image shared, the gap on the iPhone 13 is indicated to have a lessened size than the one on the iPhone 12, while the width will remain the same as that of iPhone 11. That still means less area for the notch. Right now, all I can say is that seeing something like the way it is told is still a way long ahead in the future. For now, the iPhone users are waiting for next Tuesday when the Cupertino-based technology monster will discover the new iPhones.  Which is going to be the most expensive iPhone of the year.


  1. The iPhone 12 is most probably expected to be named as the iPhone 12 Pro Max.
  2. The phone may provide you with 5G connectivity.
  3. The iPhone 12 has put the users in great excitement and is expected to launch on the 13th of October.

It is expected that iPhone 12 may start at $749 which is higher than the iPhone 11 base price. Apple is rumoured to give rise to the iPhone 12 mini as the tiniest model in series. As per the reports, it is expected that iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max may come with a LiDAR sensor. Although Apple is still nearly a week away from disclosing everything about the iPhone 12 series, here’s a look at all that is predicted in the modern models.

What new features can be seen in the iPhone-13

The phone is expected to have more applications as compared to iPhone 11. All the details about the phone will be updated just after the release of the phone.

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