Netflix delivered ‘Small Pretty Things’ a spine chiller show about ballet dancers on December 14. Peruse on to discover who pushed Cassie in Tiny Pretty Things. 

Netflix’s new series Tiny Pretty Things mixes secret with artful dance. The show is an elegant plunge into the world artful dance, combined with rough high schooler dramatization at a first class artful dance foundation with a modest bunch of pitiless understudies. 5 new motion pictures and shows delivering this week on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video


One of the significant secrets that encompass season 1 of the show is that somebody has violently pushed one of the artful dance understudies at the institute, Cassie Shore off a rooftop. Be that as it may, the character of the guilty party is covered in secret all through the season. 

Who pushed Cassie in Tiny Pretty Things’

Minuscule Pretty Things was delivered on Netflix on December 14 and the show has gotten numerous honors from that point forward. While everybody at the Archer School of Ballet is attempting to sort out who had pushed Cassie off the rooftop, the arrangement additionally shows how the episode negatively affects her family. Cassie’s terrible fall places her in a trance like state be that as it may, luckily, she doesn’t kick the bucket.

Fans see that towards the finish of the arrangement, Cassie’s folks without trust in their girl’s life, choose to take her off life uphold. In any case, when they reassess, some way or another, Cassie marvelously opens her eyes and wakes from her unconsciousness. She before long recuperates and can share a portion of the subtleties of who pushed her off the rooftop.

For what reason did Delia push Cassie off the rooftop’

The world of Tiny Pretty Things combines the cruel dance schedules from Bunheads with a spine chiller’s plot like Pretty Little Liars. People had speculated that it was Neveah, who had pushed Cassie off the rooftop, as she out of nowhere had the opportunity to have her spot after she fell.

Be that as it may, Delia was the guilty party as she was the individual who had the most grounded thought process to do it. Delia was envious of the relationship Cassie had with Ramon. Ramon is an ex-understudy at The Archer School of Ballet where he dominated.

In the wake of moving on from the Archer School, Ramon turned into an expert visionary choreographer with features all around the globe. Ramon’s expert life presented to him a combination of notoriety, strength, prominence, and dimness. He was involved with Delia before he hit up an undertaking with Cassie.

Ramon is referred to be famous as he has had various wrong illicit relationships during his time at the artful dance school. One of them being that he kissed Delia’s sister Bette. During his time at the school, he hit up an undertaking with the acting director Monique Dubois.Sky to make Amazon Prime Video accessible to supporters in Europe

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