The former Barcelona attacking midfielder Rivaldo has leaked the most precious information. Why Barcelona leader Messi cannot score many goals in the running season. Let’s check that out the reason why Leo cannot score more goals.

Rivaldo believes that the current Barcelona boss Ronald Koeman is using Messi, not in his regular position but changing his role frequently. So, Barcelona’s captain is getting fewer goals than the other seasons in recent time. Yes, Messi is very effective in the midfield but Rivaldo still believes that the boss of the Catalan club must respect the opinion of Messi.

The reason why Leo cannot score more goals

The reason why Leo cannot score more goals

If we look at the last match of Barcelona, Messi has got one goal from the penalty. Yes, he missed the penalty but the return ball was led to the net by him. Yes, the manager used him as the striker in the match if we look at the playing formation but Messi played as the perfect playmaker. He was not in the striking position. It would perhaps Messi is not so comfortable in the position though he is the best in midfield. But the 2002 World Cup-winning player believes that Koeman must give the highest respect on Messi’s opinion.

In his own column at Betfair, earlier today the 48 years old Rivaldo revealed his own opinion. Yes, he has presented some other facts as well. There, in the team of Koeman, he has discussed the role of the captain Lionel Messi. Against Real Sociedad, wearing the shirt of Barcelona, Lionel Messi was in the midfield most of the time. He was so amazing there. He has presented extraordinary skills there and as a result, against the top-ranked team, Barcelona managed an amazing victory.

But what Messi wants most is to play in the front, to score more and more goals, Rivaldo believes. So, the former Barcelona forward does not like to see Messi in the midfield. But if Messi will play in the midfield, then he does not need to run much. Yes, he is current 33 years old and it will bring a positive effect on his professional career.

Consecutive Victories:

Out of the last three matches in La Liga, Barcelona managed two victories but earlier today, against Valencia, they have made a 2 – 2 goals draw at the Camp Nou. Yes, there are still many matches in hand and so, the team Barcelona can still fight for the title. To the former Brazilian attacking midfielder, to reduce pressure from the players, the coach Ronald Koeman must work. He will have to work match by match. To increase the confidence level of the players, consecutive victories are very helpful. 

Pedri & Coutinho

Rivaldo also talked about the young talent and midfielder of the club Pedri and his local midfielder Coutinho. In the near future, Pedri will be an important part of the club, he believes. Against Real Sociedad, Pedri was in the starting eleven and once again, he played fantastically. He is very talented and wants to prove himself on the ground always.

Before today’s match, Barcelona faced Real Sociedad in La Liga, and in the match, Messi was a complete midfielder. Yes, the performance of Messi was so eye-catchy and Rivaldo has liked his performance so much. If the Argentine playmaker holds the position, he might make his career longer, the former Brazilian national team forward thought that. But the FIFA World Cup-winning former Brazilian star wants to see the six times Ballon d’Or winner in the attacking position once again. So, he believes the reason why Leo cannot score more goals.

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